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San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Recommendation for Leslie Lum Marketing

“It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Leslie Lum.

I had the opportunity to work with Leslie Lum at the San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate.com. During my tenure I presented Leslie with numerous awards for her hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence.

Leslie could always be counted on to get the job done. She is a person of high ethics and consistently reliable on project completion in a timely and efficient manner.

Leslie continues to illustrate her high level of professionalism by being an excellent Ambassador here at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.”

– Steven B. Falk
President & CEO
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Recommendation for Leslie Lum Marketing

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Leslie Lum. Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center has had the good fortune of working with Leslie over the past year in her professional capacity as a marketing consultant, as a volunteer, and as a student.

As a marketing consultant, Leslie provided one-on-one business consulting to women and men in our Business Planning Class to help them devise marketing solutions for their start up and growing businesses. She also facilitated our Fashion Incubator Network roundtables, where she led discussions and provide individual feedback. Our students were very positive about her leadership, enthusiasm and insights. They reported that Leslie provided invaluable guidance and encouragement, was an excellent listener and demonstrated significant expertise in her field.

Leslie also volunteered to help Renaissance with our annual fundraising event. She secured in-kind donations for our gift bags, tirelessly promoted the event and was hands on in helping with a variety of event preparation needs.

Leslie has extensive knowledge of the marketing field and at the same time is deeply committed to learning. She has attended several of our classes and workshops. She brings commitment and passion to all she does. It is a pleasure to work with Leslie. I am delighted to recommend her unequivocally.”

– Sharon Miller

Meet Fashion Market SF Founder, Leslie Lum

Leslie Lum, Founder of LeslieLum.com Marketing and PR and LeslieStylist.com


Fashion Market SFwas founded in 2011 by Leslie Lum, San Francisco fashion industry professional.

Leslie Lum is the founder of Leslie Lum Marketing and PR, www.LeslieLum.com. She specializes in word of mouth marketing, PR, media relations, and social media. Leslie is a San Francisco native and an award winning marketing professional formerly with the San Francisco Chronicle. Click here to read her full bio.