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May 16 Fashion Market SF “Are You Market Ready?” Workshop

We enjoyed a great class on May 16th full of a range of fashion designers from contemporary to tee-shirts, garden-wear, eco-friendly and jewelry! See photos of designers presenting their collections to the group for feedback to learn if they are “Market Ready!

Attendees included: Field Day Wearables, Sonas Denim, Ecolett, Velvet Otterhound, R by Reeti, Michael Williams Graphic Handpainted Tees, Jennifer Ly Contemporary Women’s Apparel, Gardens of California, with special website presentation by Alylee.com, and Liz Caruana Photography.

If you would like to sign up for one of our workshops, please register your brand here.

All photos credited to Liz Caruana, San Francisco Fashion Photographer.

Fashion Designer Focus Group – Fine Tune your Sales and Marketing Strategies

Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 6p-8p, Fashion Market SF will offer its first small group brand development workshop limited to just 5 fashion brands per session.

Present your brand to an intimate “focus group” of fellow fashion brands led by an award winning marketing professional. Gain valuable industry feedback regarding how to further promote your line to your target audience as well as how to make your brand more appealing to buyers.

By presenting your line and offering feedback to fellow lines, you’ll gain insightful new strategies for growing your brand and ensuring you are offering a competitive, marketable fashion collection. This is an open format workshop, focusing on your specific needs to grow your brand.

Workshop investment is $60 per brand and each session is limited to just 5 brands to ensure maximum attention given to each line.

Contact: Leslie Lum at 415.505.8421 for any further questions regarding this event!

Example of topics covered:

  • Develop an introductory marketing plan for your business.
  • Are you ready to approach a sales rep? What do you need?
  • How can you improve your lookbook and linesheet?
  • Identify next steps to grow your business.
  • Identify sample press and stores to approach for your line.
  • Brainstorm innovative marketing ideas.

Who should participate in this type of workshop?

  • Brands who have recently launched their line.
  • Brands who sell directly to the consumer who are looking to start selling to stores or to increase their wholesale business.
  • Brands who have produced 1-3 collections and are looking for innovative marketing and growth strategies.
  • Brands who are looking to expand or change their target audience.
  • Brands who know they have a good product but are having difficulties finding the right market.

Display your samples in a professional showroom setting and receive direct evaluation on your website, sample collection and print collateral. Learn how your fellow designers are marketing their line and leave with a new confidence and targeted tools to grow your business.

See photos and read testimonials from Fashion Market SF workshop participants.