Industry Resources

FMSF recommends these industry professionals to help you grow your fashion business.

Fashion Photographer, Shaun Tiangsing

Fashion photographer, Shaun Tiangsing, is a great industry resource. He has a beautiful portfolio which can be found on his website. Having a good photographer can help further your brand. If you need someone to help photograph images for your lookbook, website or portfolio, please contact him!

Karri Ann Frerichs of speaks about LA Fashion Industry and Trade Show

Owner of the Altitude Showroom and Fashion Sales Rep, Karri Ann Frerichs, speaks to designers about the fashion industry in L.A. Being knowledgeable about all of the trade shows that happen Los Angeles is a good idea in order for you to determine which show is best for your brand.

Liz Caruana Photography

Liz Caruana is a local photographer. She has a lot of experience in fashion and has an amazing eye. She is a great industry resource if you are looking for a fashion photographer to help you build your portfolio, lookbook, or a photoshoot.


RAG (Residents Apparel Gallery) is a CO-OP store that supports local up and coming designers. The great thing about the co-op is that the designers display their pieces on consigned racks and shelf space. RAG is always looking for new designers to showcase their work in the “gallery”. This is a great store to contact in regards to getting your line seen, bringing awareness to your brand, and in the market to sell.
The e-mail newsletter sends out a lot of new resources to discover as well that is helpful to keep you in the know.
RAG is very well known and is a great store in Hayes Valley for all you new designers out there!


Fashion Business Inc. (FBI)- Grow your fashion business!

Take workshops, go to seminars, or take a class online at FBI. From targeted business education, to marketing and consulting services.

Fashion Business Inc (FBI), a unique non-profit organization with an industry specific focus that helps designer entrepreneurs to start and grow sustainable fashion businesses. We provide specialized business education and training, strategic advice, and access to industry resources and networks.” – Ultimate Guide to the San Francisco Fashion Industry

“SF Indie Fashion is an online resource dedicated to independent designers in the Bay Area and beyond. We love the stores that sell ‘em, the shows that feature ‘em and the people that buy ‘em. We strongly believe in the importance of conscious consumerism and supporting San Francisco’s independent fashion scene, locally-owned boutiques and businesses, female entrepreneurs and creative endeavors of all kinds.”

SF FAMA – San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance

Join SFFAMA to attend industry networking events and speaker panels. SF FAMA is the organizer for San Francisco Fashion Week, Fashion Feud, Fashion Mash Up and other key San Francisco fashion industry events.

“SFFAMA, a social development network that champions in various sustainable projects in support of the thriving local fashion industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.”