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Liz Caruana Photography

Liz Caruana is a local photographer. She has a lot of experience in fashion and has an amazing eye. She is a great industry resource if you are looking for a fashion photographer to help you build your portfolio, lookbook, or a photoshoot.


RAG (Residents Apparel Gallery) is a CO-OP store that supports local up and coming designers. The great thing about the co-op is that the designers display their pieces on consigned racks and shelf space. RAG is always looking for new designers to showcase their work in the “gallery”. This is a great store to contact in regards to getting your line seen, bringing awareness to your brand, and in the market to sell.
The e-mail newsletter sends out a lot of new resources to discover as well that is helpful to keep you in the know.
RAG is very well known and is a great store in Hayes Valley for all you new designers out there!


Fashion Designer Focus Group – Fine Tune your Sales and Marketing Strategies

Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 6p-8p, Fashion Market SF will offer its first small group brand development workshop limited to just 5 fashion brands per session.

Present your brand to an intimate “focus group” of fellow fashion brands led by an award winning marketing professional. Gain valuable industry feedback regarding how to further promote your line to your target audience as well as how to make your brand more appealing to buyers.

By presenting your line and offering feedback to fellow lines, you’ll gain insightful new strategies for growing your brand and ensuring you are offering a competitive, marketable fashion collection. This is an open format workshop, focusing on your specific needs to grow your brand.

Workshop investment is $60 per brand and each session is limited to just 5 brands to ensure maximum attention given to each line.

Contact: Leslie Lum at 415.505.8421 for any further questions regarding this event!

Example of topics covered:

  • Develop an introductory marketing plan for your business.
  • Are you ready to approach a sales rep? What do you need?
  • How can you improve your lookbook and linesheet?
  • Identify next steps to grow your business.
  • Identify sample press and stores to approach for your line.
  • Brainstorm innovative marketing ideas.

Who should participate in this type of workshop?

  • Brands who have recently launched their line.
  • Brands who sell directly to the consumer who are looking to start selling to stores or to increase their wholesale business.
  • Brands who have produced 1-3 collections and are looking for innovative marketing and growth strategies.
  • Brands who are looking to expand or change their target audience.
  • Brands who know they have a good product but are having difficulties finding the right market.

Display your samples in a professional showroom setting and receive direct evaluation on your website, sample collection and print collateral. Learn how your fellow designers are marketing their line and leave with a new confidence and targeted tools to grow your business.

See photos and read testimonials from Fashion Market SF workshop participants.

Fashion Business Inc. (FBI)- Grow your fashion business!

Take workshops, go to seminars, or take a class online at FBI. From targeted business education, to marketing and consulting services.

Fashion Business Inc (FBI), a unique non-profit organization with an industry specific focus that helps designer entrepreneurs to start and grow sustainable fashion businesses. We provide specialized business education and training, strategic advice, and access to industry resources and networks.”

Fashion Market SF attends Winter Kate Collection launch at Nordstrom with Nicole Richie special appearance

Leslie, along with Karri and Tennille of the Altitude Showroom, enjoyed attending the Nordstrom Savvy, San Francisco Center, special event featuring the Winter Kate collection launch with special appearance by Nicole Richie.

See photos of the event on Facebook, and listen to Leslie, Founder of FashionMarketSF, and Karri , owner of recap the event and briefly speak about why new designers need to constantly be shopping the stores. – Ultimate Guide to the San Francisco Fashion Industry

“SF Indie Fashion is an online resource dedicated to independent designers in the Bay Area and beyond. We love the stores that sell ‘em, the shows that feature ‘em and the people that buy ‘em. We strongly believe in the importance of conscious consumerism and supporting San Francisco’s independent fashion scene, locally-owned boutiques and businesses, female entrepreneurs and creative endeavors of all kinds.”

SF FAMA – San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance

Join SFFAMA to attend industry networking events and speaker panels. SF FAMA is the organizer for San Francisco Fashion Week, Fashion Feud, Fashion Mash Up and other key San Francisco fashion industry events.

“SFFAMA, a social development network that champions in various sustainable projects in support of the thriving local fashion industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.”


San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Recommendation for Leslie Lum Marketing

“It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Leslie Lum.

I had the opportunity to work with Leslie Lum at the San Francisco Chronicle / During my tenure I presented Leslie with numerous awards for her hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence.

Leslie could always be counted on to get the job done. She is a person of high ethics and consistently reliable on project completion in a timely and efficient manner.

Leslie continues to illustrate her high level of professionalism by being an excellent Ambassador here at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.”

– Steven B. Falk
President & CEO
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Academy of Art Fashion Show, May 7th, 2011

This past week FashionMarketSF got a sneak peek of new up and coming designers. The students at the Academy of Art University blew it out of the water. They did such a great job! All of their looks were hot, on trend, and well crafted. It is very important attending and exposing yourself to these kind of special events. Being in the public eye, networking, and seeing first hand what is happening in the fashion industry is key. It is also just as important to support your local fashion schools and their students. Below is some footage captured at the event. See more videos on our YouTube Channel.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Recommendation for Leslie Lum Marketing

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Leslie Lum. Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center has had the good fortune of working with Leslie over the past year in her professional capacity as a marketing consultant, as a volunteer, and as a student.

As a marketing consultant, Leslie provided one-on-one business consulting to women and men in our Business Planning Class to help them devise marketing solutions for their start up and growing businesses. She also facilitated our Fashion Incubator Network roundtables, where she led discussions and provide individual feedback. Our students were very positive about her leadership, enthusiasm and insights. They reported that Leslie provided invaluable guidance and encouragement, was an excellent listener and demonstrated significant expertise in her field.

Leslie also volunteered to help Renaissance with our annual fundraising event. She secured in-kind donations for our gift bags, tirelessly promoted the event and was hands on in helping with a variety of event preparation needs.

Leslie has extensive knowledge of the marketing field and at the same time is deeply committed to learning. She has attended several of our classes and workshops. She brings commitment and passion to all she does. It is a pleasure to work with Leslie. I am delighted to recommend her unequivocally.”

– Sharon Miller